Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Fairy Party

I don't necessarily want this blog to be focused on my children and our personal lives, but recently a huge portion of my time was spent planning this party for my doodler, so it only seems fitting that I share a couple of pictures. A good time was had by all, and I hope that this will be a party that lives on in her earliest memories.

 wearing a headband while making a headband (or flower crown)

why do these wings always fall flat?

I have to say I'm disappointed in the way the "fairy cakes" turned out. I had envisioned they would look like flowers with a little "tinkerbell" flying above them, having just sprinkled them with fairy dust. I found a Martha Stewart cupcake holder and some food "glitter" and some tinkerbell cupcake toppers. First, the toppers were smaller than I was thinking. Then the cupcake holders were bigger and didn't hold up to baking very well. The glitter didn't sparkle as much as I was hoping, and to top it off, once we got to the party the purple icing had turned blue! How in the world...
Well, I hope you can appreciate my attempt and vision as I am the farthest thing from being a baker!

Happy parties!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Making a much loved toy even more loved

I love blocks. My kids love blocks. But at their respective ages, neither can build skyscrapers or such without the wee-est one knocking it over. Don't get me wrong, blocks are still a much used toy around our house, just not to make skyscrapers. BUT, with this awesome idea from the blog hellobee the current height restrictions imposed by my little guy don't have to make skyscrapers nonexistent! My girl can draw one on a single block, transforming it into the Chrysler if she desires! In an ideal world, my little zoomer would then use these in some creative car play. Yay! Something for my doodler and my zoomer at the same time! I'm definitely gonna try this one.

Check out the DIY chalkboard block tutorial here! May beautiful skylines be in all your children's future playtime adventures!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Press Here

Speaking of magic, have you discovered the book, Press Here by Herve Tullet? It starts with one dot and asks the reader to press that dot. You turn the page and the dot you pressed has now transformed into a number of dots, or a different color, or a multitude of other imaginative things. I watch as my child's face is filled with wonder, and I love this book for giving her a bit of magic and sparking her imagination. Go and check out this book from the library if you have not done so already; such a playful book. It is one of my favorites!

Fairy dolls and houses

Ah, the magic of childhood. My little girl is smitten with fairies at the moment...

and her birthday is coming soon...

so we are having a FAIRY PARTY!!! I made a fairy doll for each of the party guests (not all fairies are shown). Yes, we have 1 boy attending, so I made a fairy out of leaves instead of flowers. I hope that's boyish enough! However, the green leaf one happens to be my favorite. :)  I was hoping to make a fairy house for all the guests as well, but that was just more than I could do. The two I did manage to create will be table decor.
They are made of 3 toilet paper tubes. I cut the tubes open and glued the three opened tubes together to make one large "tube". Then I cut a door into the side. Then I glued down popsicle sticks all around the tube. Luckily, the tube was the same height as the sticks! I then held up a popsicle stick and marked the angles of the door opening and cut the stick to fit above the door.  I repeated that four times to cover above the door opening. For the roof, I cut construction paper and glued into a cone shape (I'm sure you can find a template online). I then cut out leaf shapes, fold them to crease "veins" and glued them onto the cone shape. Tada! Fairy house!
I found the tutorial for the fairy dolls here at the blog "Tuffet". Check hers out!
I'm also making tutus which I will post once I have them made.
Check back for pictures of the party! It should be a good time!
Oh, I'll also post a picture of the invitation.