Friday, September 21, 2012

Fairy dolls and houses

Ah, the magic of childhood. My little girl is smitten with fairies at the moment...

and her birthday is coming soon...

so we are having a FAIRY PARTY!!! I made a fairy doll for each of the party guests (not all fairies are shown). Yes, we have 1 boy attending, so I made a fairy out of leaves instead of flowers. I hope that's boyish enough! However, the green leaf one happens to be my favorite. :)  I was hoping to make a fairy house for all the guests as well, but that was just more than I could do. The two I did manage to create will be table decor.
They are made of 3 toilet paper tubes. I cut the tubes open and glued the three opened tubes together to make one large "tube". Then I cut a door into the side. Then I glued down popsicle sticks all around the tube. Luckily, the tube was the same height as the sticks! I then held up a popsicle stick and marked the angles of the door opening and cut the stick to fit above the door.  I repeated that four times to cover above the door opening. For the roof, I cut construction paper and glued into a cone shape (I'm sure you can find a template online). I then cut out leaf shapes, fold them to crease "veins" and glued them onto the cone shape. Tada! Fairy house!
I found the tutorial for the fairy dolls here at the blog "Tuffet". Check hers out!
I'm also making tutus which I will post once I have them made.
Check back for pictures of the party! It should be a good time!
Oh, I'll also post a picture of the invitation.

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