Sunday, September 23, 2012

Making a much loved toy even more loved

I love blocks. My kids love blocks. But at their respective ages, neither can build skyscrapers or such without the wee-est one knocking it over. Don't get me wrong, blocks are still a much used toy around our house, just not to make skyscrapers. BUT, with this awesome idea from the blog hellobee the current height restrictions imposed by my little guy don't have to make skyscrapers nonexistent! My girl can draw one on a single block, transforming it into the Chrysler if she desires! In an ideal world, my little zoomer would then use these in some creative car play. Yay! Something for my doodler and my zoomer at the same time! I'm definitely gonna try this one.

Check out the DIY chalkboard block tutorial here! May beautiful skylines be in all your children's future playtime adventures!

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